Principauté du Nouveau Texas


Visa requirements for the Principality

the Principality required Visas from citizens of ALL COUNTRIES; with the exception of the countries mentioned below as being Visa-Exempt


Visa application prices:
-Tourist Visa application 25 euros + shipping

-Business Visa application 30 euros + shipping

-Transit Visa application 15 euros + shipping

Download the Application form by clicking on the PDF-image. When you have completed and paid for the application, please send the application to PNT's Special Mission in the UK: PNT Special Mission UK, Silk House 382, SK11 7QJ, United Kingdom - NOTE! DO NOT SEND YOUR PASSPORT! You will receive a Visa-sticker that you place in your own passport. All visas are tamper-proof, and cannot be replicated.

LEGAL NOTICE: Please note, that a PNT Visa does not exempt you from any obligation to obtain a valid US Visa in order to reach the sovereign borders of Principauté du Nouveau-Texas.

Download PNT Visa Application form

Visa Exempt countries

Countries exempt from visas are:
-The Holy See
-United Nations passport holders
-Interpol passport holders
-United States of America

Diplomatic passport holders

Holders of Diplomatic passports are exempt from entry visa fees

Official passport holders

Holders of so-called Official passports are exempt from entry visa fees
NB! ´Official´ passports not normal citizenship passports

Service passport holders

Holders of Service passports are exempt from entry visa fees

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