Government of Principauté du Nouveau Texas


NOT VALID DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT: 705120852 - MR. Haissam Bou-Said - Born 06 February 1964

Requirements for passports

All citizens may apply for a passport. The passports are in two (2) different categories; the Normal Citizenship Passport [P], and the Diplomatic Passport [PD] (reserved for the Diplomatic Corps).


By submitting this application, I hereby
certify, that the information I have given
is correct, and that false information will
void my application. Your IP is logged.


To issue a passport to an applicant, the applicant must provide:
-Scan of current national passports ID-page (in color)
-Completed passport application form (available to download soon)
-Payment of passport application fee: 350 European Euros (=EUR) payable by wire transfer of with your credit/debit card
-Payment can also be made through International Wire Transfer with IBAN and SWIFT-code
-Payment with Western Union can only be made through an extra fee to the application fee of 20 EUR = TOTAL 370 EUR -Please note that the processing time from the reception of payment until you receive your passport may take upwards of 120 days due to large number of applications

PLEASE NOTE! PNT The Diplomatic and normal passports and citizenship can ONLY BE OBTAINED THROUGH THE MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AND INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS, BY H.E. ERIN SILVERMAN, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO OBTAIN THE PASSPORT OR CITIZENSHIP THROUGH ANY OTHER SOURCE/AGENT - If such a service is provided, the documentation is fraudulent, and the documents are not official, and they are considered counterfeit (FAKE!)

NOT VALID DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT: 705120852 - MR. Haissam Bou-Said - Born 06 February 1964

Diplomatic passports

Diplomatic are meant only for the Diplomatic Corps, with exceptions for members of the Princely House, and Members of Parliament, as well as Ministers of Governmental Offices

Principauté du Nouveau-Texas (PD)-Passport receives UN Member-State Visa

The PNT has received a so-called Gratis Visa, usually given only to Officials of another country. "This marks a significant event in the history of the PNT's Foreign and International Affairs", said the Minister of Foreign and International Affairs, Hon. Mrs. Erin Silverman today in Texas and went on to say "This proves to the World, and the world of so-called ´Micronations`, that with especially adherence and fulfillment of the requirements set forth by the Montevideo Accords, can make any country/state, that was formerly known only on the Internet, as a so-called ´Micronation`, can emerge to ´Real Statehood` - which the acceptance of our travel documents by a UNITED NATIONS Member-State now clearly proves.
-07.July/2013 in Houston.