Principauté du Nouveau-Texas


The PNT's Government House in Terlingua

The Principality's Government

the Principality's Prime-Minister is the Rt.Hon. Mr. M. Fasel. The main body of government is divided into different departments of government.

the Principality main departments of government are: Ministry of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Security, Ministry of Immigration, and various other Departments, such as for example the Passport Department.

The Minister for Foreign and International Affairs - Rt.Hon. Ms. Erin Silverman
Assistant to Minister Silverman, Ms. Erin van der Beek

The Minister for Finance - Mr. Sumesh Parajuli

As the Principality is quite new (established in 2007), new citizens are free to apply for the positions within the government.

Diplomatic Corps

The Principality is in need of articulate and educated new citizens to join the Principality's diplomatic corps, as Ambassadors, Consul-General's and to other diplomatic posts. Some diplomatic posts, such as Honorary Consuls shall be sold to appropriate individuals. Those whom seek higher diplomatic positions, need to send their CV, proof of identification and an open application to the Principality's Ministry of Foreign Affairs for review.

We currently have a need for diplomats in Eastern and Central Europe, as well as in Asia and other countries.
If you are interested in a diplomatic career in service of the Principality, please feel free to contact us.

-Prime Minister: Rt.Hon. Mr. M. Fasel
-Minister of Foreign Affairs: Rt.Hon. Ms. Erin Silverman
-Minister of Finance: Rt.Hon.Sumesh Parajuli
-Minister of Security: Rt.Hon. Peet van Werke
-Ministry of Immigration: Rt.Hon. Raquel Attwood
-Head of the Identity and Passport Service: Ms. Gwynetth Théron

Members of Parliament

The Principality will at this time also invite new citizens to take part in the government, as members of parliament. There shall be no more than 51 members of Parliament. (Royal Decree A145b/2012)
Any citizen of the Principality may run for office to the Parliament. Participants to running for Office must be a part of a political party (Royal Decree A147b/2012). Joining a political party is free.
Any citizen of the Principality may also form his/her own political party for a nominal fee of 35 Texan Dollars (=USD) (Royal Decree A147c/2012)

The age requirements for running in elections, or voting in elections is 18 years of age - or if the person turns 18 years of age at the same year when the elections are in effect. (Royal Decree A147d/2012)

The Constitution

The Principality is a Constitutional Monarchy, revised most prominently previously by Royal Decree A142c/2012.

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